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FAQ for Affiliates


1) What is the Naturesshopy Affiliate Program?

Dr. Patkar's Vinegar therapy have solved health problems of many people. When one person gets result, he tells it to 4 others because he want others also to be healthy like him. In return that person gets nothing. So we started this Affiliate Program. When a person recommonds some one to buy Dr. Patkar's product, that person will also get something in return.


2) Where can I promote Naturesshopy?

You can promote us virtually any where online. Are you a health Blogger? If yes, you can easily promote our products using the special tracking link we provide. Do you've a social circle that would appreciate having healthy  stuff? if yes, then share the special tracking link to our products on your social channels. Or you just met a guy talking about his health problems, send him link on WhatsApp/Facebook. This way you can share links on WhatsApp, emails, forums and any other medium that can be accessed online



3) Can I promote Naturesshopy Offline?

Yes, you absolutely can. However, to have the sale attributed to you, drop us an email at with details like customer email address and product purchased. We'll validate the sale and manually add an entry for that sale into your Affiliate Account



4) This seems interesting, how do I start?

You can Sign Up by filling the Sing up form. We'll take about 24 hours to assess the benefit of the partnership, and then approve your account



5) How much do I have to pay to get started?

Absolutely nothing. Starting up as a Naturesshopy Affiliate requires no investment, in the form of Startup money, on your side.



6) How much can I earn?

It's up to you. You can promote Dr. Patkar's products in forums and social networking circles where people are looking for natural remedies. Normally, affiliates who does regular promotions and in right places, earn nearly 1 lakh a month.



7) Do I need to be technically qualified to Sign Up as a Naturesshopy Affiliate?

Not at all. The technical part is already taken care of and managed by us, all you need to do is promote our products to an audience you believe would find it useful.



8) Who can I contact for any assistance?

You can contact our Natures Shopy office in between 10 am to 6 pm on 09222221620.



9) Who does my Referral Contact for Support?

Your referrals also can contact our Natures Shopy office in between 10 am to 6 pm on 09222221620. 



10) How are sales through my Website Tracked?

We've integrated a robust tracking system with the Naturesshopy website. Once you start using your special tracking link, we'll be able to track your conversions on our website. You inturn can view details of successful sales that have taken place on our website, through your efforts, from within your Control Panel. Click Here, to login to your Affiliate Account.



11) How do I get my special tracking link?

Login to your Naturesshopy Affiliate Account by Clicking Here, and enter your Login credentials you used while signing up. Once logged in click on Tracking, and then Settings. You will then find your "Tracking Code" which will be a mix of alphabets and numbers. Take the Tracking Code and place it at the end of the Naturesshopy URL for any of the product or page that you would like to promote in this format - ?tracking=TrackingCode

So for instance, if you would like to promote our popular Apple Cider Vinegar, then this is how the URL is supposed to be when you promote us -



11) How do I monitor my sales activity and commissions?

We've ensured that all the latest data regarding your Sales & Commissions be populated within your panel. You can view this data by logging into your account, and by clicking on Transactions and Overview.



12) How often do Commissions get paid?

Commission of all the Affiliates is calculated at the end of the month and is paid on 15th of every month.



13) How can I promote Naturesshopy?

You can promote Naturesshopy through the Blog, Social Media, Forums, Social Communities, Offline and whichever method you feel would work the best for you to promote our services


14) Where can I find HTML Banners to promote Naturesshopy?

Once you've logged into your Control Panel, just click on Banner >> List. Select a Campaign that you would like to promote, and you can then choose from a range of Banners provided under that specific campaign



15) How do I get paid?

When you create an account, send us email with your bank details. We will NEFT transfer your commission on 15th of every month as written above.



16) Does Naturesshopy help me promote its products?

We most certainly do; we occasionally keep coming up with the best of incentives, offers and HTML Banners that you can use to promote our Products



17) How can my referrals/ customers pay you?

We have different payment modes on our website. They can choose to pay by credit card, debit card, internet banking or cash on delivery.