Dr. Patkars Noni Drops
Dr. Patkars Noni Drops (15 ml)
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Dr. Patkar’s Noni Drops (NONI) 

Noni drops is a pure form extracted from Noni fruit and a “Natural health booster” that works as "food" for cells. It enhances our system with various vitamins, mineral, enzymes, trace elements. Noni Enzyme is a quality health food supplement for wellness. It supports healthy people to be healthy always & sick people to become healthy. 

It is known for its wide range of applications & benefits. It has been used by millions of people worldwide for more than 2000 years with life changing results.

Health Benefits associated with Noni:

  • It detoxifies our body

  • It strengthens immune system – Fights infectious bacteria making them inactive 

  • It reduces the risk of cancer

  • It relieves pain and inflammation – Studies show noni reduces pain and so it works well for pains related to joints or arthritis

  • It purifies blood 

  • It relieves digestive problems like acidity and gas

  • It relieves IBS & constipation - Because noni is high in soluble fibre it eases the strain & softens the stools.

  • It relieves stress,anxiety, fatigue, insomnia (regulates good sleep) – Noni helps boost  important hormones like melatonin & serotonin which induce sleep & relieves stress & anxiety. 

  • It maintains healthy skin, hair – Direct application of noni to skin & hair supports good texture & lustrous hair. Apply it for 15mins & rinse it off.

  • It improves alertness, memory and concentration.


Direction for use
Take 3-5 drops of Noni in a cup of warm water in the morning and evening on an empty stomach.

Caution : Pregnant women & kidney patient's should avoid taking Noni drops.