I had by-pass surgery in year 2007. Again in 2011 I had same symptoms i.e. angina pain, breathlessness & tiredness, after visiting to my Doctor he performed Stress Test which was abnormal. He told me that I should go again for By-pass surgery. It was financial as well as health loss for me. One day my friend showed me a mail of home remedy for removing the blockages where the main ingredients were Apple Cider Vinegar.  Within 15 days i feel fresh & comfortable, now i can walk 5-6 km easily, the chest pain, breathlessness have now gone. Wish I could meet Dr.Patkar before my surgery in 2007. Now i will regularly use the remedy lifelong to prevent further Heart Attack as well as the side-effects of the drugs i was taking before, now i have started helping my friends to get rid of such diseases by informing about this wonderful therapy. I experience very good result from this. I am requesting everybody who is suffering from HEART diseases should use it by the guidance of Dr.Ketan Patkar. If I say Dr. Ketan Patkar as a living god then also it is less.

Mr.M.A. Shettar

Hubli, Karnataka.

I was suffering from severe Dandruff & Hair Fall since last 1 yr. I used all types of shampoo & treatment but it could not help me. After consulting Dr.Patkar he told me that your body needs to neutralize Acidity & suggested Apple Cider Vinegar to apply with water before bath. In just 1 week I started getting results. Thanks to Dr. Patkar for this wonderful therapy.

Miss. Surekha Parab


My sister, who's settled in the States and is very much into alternative methods for holistic healing, advised me to try ACV for my long-standing bronchial problems.  She told it would also help clear up other issues like pigmentation, pH balance and stuff like that.

I had clogged lungs the first day I tried ACV.  I thought I was going into a full-scale asthma attack.  I wanted to stop that very day.  But Sis asked me to continue.  I'm really glad I took her advice and continued taking ACV, because after one litre of this miracle liquid I feel really, really good.

I take ACV mixed with an equal quantity of honey.  It tastes really great that way.

Shashikala  Gopakumar

Dear Dr Patkar,

Hi, this is Muralidhar E.S(55yrs old) and I'm sending this mail in relation to the usage of Apple Cider Vinegar with mother which your company produces.

I would want to share my deep appreciation through this mail. I've been using "Dr Patkar's Apple Cider Vinegar for close to 6 months now and I've really experienced wonderful results. Though I don't suffer from any serious ailments acidity/gas bloating and related problems always haunted me and I frequently had to resort to harmful medicine with unwanted chemicals to control the same. Also, this meant that my digestion wasn't good and my weight too was not completely controlled.

Once I started using the Apple Cider with mother that your company produces, I should admit that I started getting the results almost instantaneously with most of my above said problems under control. To top it all, I've lost quite a few kilos and I'm really feeling more energetic than before.

Thanks a lot for a great product and wish you lots of success on this wonderful endeavor.


Muralidhar . E.S


I had been having a lot of health issues earlier until some friend of my wife mentioned to her to ask me to try Dr. Patkars Apple Cider. 

I thought there was no harm in trying Dr. Patkars Apple Cider as I was assured that it had a lot of benefits and there was no side effect. 

It's been a year now since I have been having it and it seems to have helped me tremendously.  Firstly my bowel movements have improved vastly. No more getting constipated.  My cold and cough too has improved.  My skin texture is much better. Basically I feel it has helped me overall.

All my friends have been complementing me on my weight loss and I am feeling very much fitter after I started having Dr. Patkars Apple Cider. And I am most willing to share my reasons of how I am feeling so much healthier by having Dr. Patkars Apple Cider. I hope that they too can benefit.

Warm Regards,

Prakash Mulchandani 

My Father was suffering from Diabetes from last 3 years and High Cholesterol reported in Feb 14. His Biochemistry and Lipid profile stats on 23 Feb 14 is as below (Before taking Dr. Patkar’s Apple Cider Vinegar)


 Blood Sugar Fasting - 169 mgm% (Reference Range 70-110)

Post Lunch Blood Sugar - 194 mgm % (Reference Range 60-140)

 Lipid Profile

 Serum Triglyceride - 353 mg/dl (reference Range 10-190)

Serum VLDL Cholesterol - 70.6 mg/dl (Reference Range Upto 35 mg/dl)

 In March 14 I came to know about Dr.Patkar's Medicine for Diabetes & High Cholesterol. I visited the clinic and shown him reports of my dad and then he suggested me ACV & Heart Therapy (ACV with Garlic, Ginger, Lemon & Honey). After taking Dr.Patkar's medicine for 2 months reports were normal and sugar & cholesterol was in within the reference range as below.

 Biochemistry Report taken on 20 May 14

 Blood Sugar Fasting - 96 mgm% (Reference Range 70-110)

Post Lunch Blood Sugar - 117 mgm % (Reference Range 60-140)

 Lipid Profile report taken on 20 May 14

 Serum Triglyceride - 149 mg/dl (reference Range 10-190)

Serum VLDL Cholesterol - 29.8 mg/dl (Reference Range Upto 35 mg/dl)

 I am really happy with Dr.Patkar's medicine. It’s really a wonderful medicine... People can try this first since this has no side effect and see wonders...

Nitin Khot

Dombivali, Mumbai

Hello everyone, this is Mrs. Vaishali Hinge from Thane (Mumbai).  Since last 15 years I had been suffering from allergy, Asthma, severe acidity, headache and insomnia. I had tried Ayurvedic, allopathic as well as Homeopathic treatment but nothing helped. Six months back while searching on internet I came to know about Dr. Patkar's Apple cider Vinegar therapy.  I contacted Dr. Patkar. He suggested doses accordingly and I am very happy to say that only within two;- three months my most of the problems have gone. Few of my relatives and friends also take apple cider vinegar regularly and they are also feeling healthy. A lot of thanks to Dr. Patkar

                                                                                                                                                           Mrs. Vaishali Hinge Mumbai

I was suffering from Stomach Ulcer, I tried allopathic, ayurvedic as well as homeopathy treatment with no result, my doctor suggested to operate. When I came to Dr.Patkar’s clinic he suggested Vinegar Therapy, I got result in first week and was completely cured in 3 months, my doctor was surprised he told me now you don’t need to operate, thanks to Dr. Patkar & his Vinegar Therapy.

Subhangi Bhosale.
Ghatkopar Mumbai

   I was suffering from severe pain because of kidney Stone, sonogrphy reports showed 3 stones 14mm, 8mm and 5mm, I could not bear the pain. My doctor recommended operation, but I wanted to avoid it, my neighbor recommended Dr.Patkars Vinegar Therapy. I started the Therapy & one stone was passed on second day from urine, the pain was gradually lessened, after15 days sonography report showed reduction in stone size 8mm and 4mm. I continued my treatment and in 1 month the sonography report showed no stone. Thanks for Dr. Patkar’s Apple Cider Vinegar Therapy.

Sandeep Manjarekar.
Bhandup Mumbai


    I was bedridden for last 2 years I got Rheumatoid Arthritis at age 22. All joints were swollen, two relatives carried me to Dr.Patkar’s clinic, and he gave me ACV + Turmeric Vinegar with some other naturopathy medicines. In 15 days I could able to walk, before treatment My R.A. was 160, in 3months it came to 80, another 3 months it came to 40, now it’s below 20, I am normal now. I started travelling independently all across Mumbai now. Thanks to Dr.Patkar’s Vinegar Therapy for helping me out of this crippling disease.

Pratibha Patil
Ghatkopar Mumbai

   I myself had suffer from Herpes on my abdomen, it was very painful to bear the pain, I used ACV with equal parts of water with cotton on the blisters and apply a band aid tape to prevent the cotton from falling, in the evening it was 80% healed & next day it was cleared , the burning sensation was gone. I then started seriously to research the product for different diseases.

Dr. Ketan Patkar

   I was suffering from Arthritis pain and kidney stone from last 5 years, orthotopedic doctors prescribed me calcium tablet lifelong for arthritis or told to get knee replace. Nephrologists (for kidney stone) told me to stop calcium tablets or get operated for kidney stones. I was totally confused as i had operated twice in 5 years for kidney stone. My aunty who had good results for paralysis suggested me to visit Dr. Patkar a naturopathy consultant.

  Dr. Patkar told me that your body does not absorb calcium so you get frequently kidney stone & body is deficient to calcium result in arthritis & osteoporosis. He gave me ACV+ Garlic formula which cleared my arthritis & kidney stone problem. Within 1 month I got 50% relief in arthritis and I got extra benefit that ACV & Garlic reduced my 2 kg weight in 1 month, as garlic is known for fat destroyer. I continued the Therapy for 6 months now the pain is totally gone. ACV+ Garlic has cured my joint pain, kidney stone & reduced my weight too .Thanks to Dr. Patkar’s Vinegar Therapy.

Rashmi Thakker.
Ghatkopar Mumbai

   I am retired sportsman, I frequently get kidney stone and used to suffer a lot of pain, now I have ACV in stock every time . By occurring slightest symptoms I take it and avoid the terrible pain.

Santosh Walawalkar
Sindhudurga Maharashtra

   I use to suffer severe Constipation & severe pain; I have to rely on churan & laxative. When I started Dr.Patkars ACV Therapy within month I got the results, slowly I reduce my other medicines. Thanks for Dr.Patkar’s ACV for correcting my digestion problem.

Ghatkopar Mumbai


  I had constipation problem since last 10 years tried all pathy medicine but with no result . I always feel uneasiness, & fatigue during severe constipation. Dr.Patkar gave me ACV which I had not used for 10 days as I was fed up of all medicine , one day I have urgently go to my native place, I took the bottle with me and started using it , I can’t believe that its working for me. I now feel fresh, clean & healthy. Thanks to Dr.Patkar for his Vinegar therapy.

Mukund Walawalkar
Mira road Mumbai


  My mother was suffering from Knee pain & Water retention problem, Drinking ACV for 3 months completely solved her all problems. Thanks for Dr.Patkar’s ACV.

Prashant Angane
Ghatkopar Mumbai


   I had Chikun gunya fever which had badly affected my all joints; I have been told by many that Chikungunya is a disease whose effects persist for a long time or lifetime. I tried Ayurvedic treatment for 3 months then tried homeopathy for some time. I was introduced to Dr.Patkar by my brother, he gave me Turmeric Vinegar blended with Black pepper, In 8 days my pain started decreasing in 1 month I was completely pain free all swelling in my joints disappeared, I continued the Therapy of Turmeric Vinegar for next 3 months. Thanks to Dr.Patkar’s Vinegar Therapy.


Mrudula M.Ayare
Malad Mumbai


Dear sir,

        I have taken your ACV with Ginger,Garlic, Lemon and Honey for a month which i purchased from you and I had got fantastic Result. My cholesterol level became very normal.

Thanking you

From :-     Nitin Karnik

Dear Dr Patkar, 

 Thank you for the ACV with Ginger, Garlic, Lemon and Honey. 

 In my annual medical checkup, my ECG came out as asymptomatic and the stress echo showed symptoms of heart understress not pumping adequate. I went through my angioplasty with ballooning on 26 Jul. No stent was put but one blockage of 50 % was left untouched basically to take care of the same through medication. Taking allopathy, my first lipid profile brought down my LDL from 132 prior to angio to 64 on 26 Aug 2014 within a month. I then added the above ACV from 10 Sep 2014 also to my allopathy. I am on my 6 kms walk from 4.45 to 6 am 5 days a week and take fat free diet. I am feeling absolutely normal with bp as 134/82.


 I have finished a pack of 1 liter in a little less than two months as I was regularly taking 10-15 ml in 250 ml of warm water thrice a day 30 mins before each meal using straw. I have found it very effective. My lipid profile on 26 Sep indicated LDL as 52. The cardio has reduced my allopathy to Estan 25 and Metlor 25 after breakfast and Atorvastatin 20 and Eco Sprin 150 after dinner. I am due for my stress MPI test in Dec 2014. The allopathy is valid till 26 Nov 2014 when I would go to the cardio before the stress MPI. I have ordered one more pack of the above ACV which would last me whole of Nov and Dec 2014.

With warm regards,

Col Mahesh Khera


Hello Dr. Patkar,

I have been using apple cidar vinegar for about 2 months now. I can tell you, it works! I read a lot about it in detail over months and then started incorporating it as part of my everyday routine. There are many different ways advocated to have it but I have it after meals. Any bloating or discomfort that comes from heavy food is almost completely gone after I have the apple cider vinegar. My diabetic hypoglycaemia symptoms have dropped in the past month, my digestion has improved and the post meal discomfort has almost gone! I used to have some other company's Apple Cider Vinegar but now I have switched to Dr. Patkar's apple cider vinegar. I think it is a good product, the delivery Is very prompt and it is working for me. People, especially with fat malabsorption issues (those without a gallbladder or with any kind of digestion problems) or who have diabetes or arthritis should definitely make it part of their daily routine... 



My 90 yr old father was suffering from acute UTI and had developed immunity to antibiotics. I stumbled upon information on Dr Patkar's Apple Cider Vinegar. With utmost optimism I reached out and ordered for ACV. I found dramatic results within just the first two weeks.

I am so happy with its effectiveness that I am extensively recommending to my near and dear ones.

By helping people to gain good health you are also enhancing their wealth. Keep up the great work!! Stay Blessed.

-Annapurna Narayanmoorthy

I am Working in 5 Star Hotel in Mumbai. I used to eat Fatty food & non-veg food in hotel. After some years I felt breathlessness & Heart palpitation. After consulting to Heart specialist I was advised for 2D ECO & Angiography which showed 40%-45% Blockages. One of My friend Mr.Rathore who was working with me & had same problem was suggested BY-Pass Surgery came to me. He told how he was benefited by DR.Patkar’s Traditional Heart Tonic & avoided By-Pass surgery. I also consulted Dr.Patkar & started using it with full belief.

           Within a month all my symptoms like Angina pain, Breathlessness lethargy was gone & also benefited in insomania (sleeplessness).  People notice that my face is also fresh & bright than before & best part I lost 3KG. I will continue using it lifelong as a preventive. Thanks DR.Patkar for giving me such wonderful remedy.

Narayan Naik

I had severe chest-pain and taken to hospital. Doctor gave me sudden medical treatment and sent to angiogram test and it showed more than 4 blockages. Doctor suggested for By-Pass surgery within a week. He told me that more than 80 percent is damaged. Other than By-pass, there is no other option. Then i came to know through my relative regarding Dr. Patkar’s Apple cider Vinegar which can cure heart Blockage 100 percent. Then I got Dr.Patkar’s Product Heart Remedy, which I ordered it and used within a month it showed me great difference that i can walk, talk, problem in breathing was gone, cough reduced pain also gone. Great Medicine that Dr. Patkar made for us without any side effect. I will recommend all to use Dr. Patkar’s Apple cider vinegar through guidance of Dr.Ketan Patkar. GOD BLESS YOU

Mrs. Jalaja Kumari



Dear Sir,

I am using your product Apple Cider Vinegar with mother since 1 month.

 I found amazing results in just 15 days.


1. My BP was 160/100 and by using this product it came down to 127/80 and it’s in control.


2. I have having problem of severe acidity, and by using ACV it reduced considerably. Previously I had to take costly tablets of pentocid – DSR ( Rs 18 )  in interval of 2 days. Now I can see my acidity is reduced considerably and hardly have to take pentocid or aciloc tablets.


3. Previously I used to get very lazy and tired very soon. Now I feel really energetic and charged and don’t feel sleepy.


4. Even my dark circle around eyes vanished and my complexion is clearer. All of my friends easily figure out the change in me.


5. My mother is diabetic and I may also get diabetes in future. But I am sure that this product will help me keep diabetes in bay.


I have recommended this product to many of my friends and relatives.

Niraj Kumar

Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh


Respected Dr Patkar

 I am Suneetha , 39 years old. I was suffering from severe allergies related to food and cold. I used to have 100 sneezes every morning. I used to be allergic to vegetarian protein foods like paneer and histamine aggravating foods like potato, brinjal, etc. Allopathic medicines made me feel very lethargic and dull throughout the day.

 Then I was looking out for natural cures on internet and got to know about Dr.Patkar’s Apple cider Vinegar with MOTHER. I began to take ACV 15ml three times a day and started doing breathing exercises (Kapalbhati, Anulom amd Vilom) every day. I found a drastic difference within 10 days. I immediately stopped my allopathic medication. Within a month I started eating all kinds of foods which I was severely allergic to them before. The sneezes too stopped within a month.

 It’s been six months now and I really feel Dr.Patkar’s ACV and breathing exercise helped me with allergies. I religiously follow it and recommend everyone as it does not have any side effects. Thanks to Dr.Patkar’s Vinegar therapy.

Naga Suneetha



I am retired Bank employee from Jharkhand – Dhanbad.

1 month ago my daughter presented me 2 bottle of Apple Vinegar and I started using it. I found amazing results in just 1 month.

I used to have pain in my leg every morning and after taking it twice, my pain disappeared. I was pre diabetic and my Blood sugar level was 170 at random, now it is 110. I don’t feel lethargic. I find no heaviness in my heart now, although I don’t have any heart trouble but I feel very relax. Seems it works in my BP.

Vibhuti Jaiswal


I was suffering from constipation since years. I heard of ACV.I took it for only a month and found tremendous difference. Almost relieved.

Meena Bauskar


I was suffering from heavy periods due to Fibroid. I Enquired Dr. Patkar about it on internet and I received phone call from him. He suggested Apple Cider Vinegar. I started the dosage as told by Dr. Patkar and the very next day itself my problem began to come under control. I had other problems like acidity, constipation and body heaviness. They too came under control. I couldn’t believe such a drink can relieve me from so many problems but it became possible because of Dr. Patkar. Thanks a lot.

 Chautali Gawde

Kandivali, Mumbai

I am suffering from high cholesterol & blood pressure from last 15 years. I was in a search of a natural medicine. On the internet I got the information of “Lemon + Garlic + Ginjer + Apple vinegar + Honey” formula on Dr Ketan Patkar’s website.

From last one month I drink it in the morning at empty stomach. I am feeling far better than before. Meanwhile three weeks ago one of my neighbors Mr. Sukhadev Sakpal was detected with blood clots in his heart. He was advised for by-pass surgery. As I knew about the power of “Lemon + Garlic + Ginger + Apple vinegar + Honey” medicine, I suggested it to him. Within twelve days he started feeling relief. I am sure both the medicine and the belief on the medicine will work better and he will get rid of the problem and there will be no need of by-pass surgery.

 Santosh Panchal



Thanks. It is really a miracle! My husband started to take Dr.Ketan Patkar's Apple cider vinegar +Heart formula a month ago & now all his tests are normal. i.e ECG, Stress test ,2d Eco . By taking apple cider vinegar + garlic +honey formula I have reduced one & half kg weight within a month. One of my friend used apple cider vinegar on her foot -spur. She also feels better. Thanks to Dr.Ketan Patkar because he has given perfect guidance regarding this medicine.



I would want to share my deep appreciation through this mail for the betterments faced by my mother in law after consuming "Apple Cider Vinegar Garlic, Ginger, lemon and Honey". She was undergoing heart disease treatment since

17 years & now after consuming "Apple Cider Vinegar Garlic, Ginger, lemon and Honey", below mentioned were the comments we got from the doctor who is treating her:

 - Among 04 (four) heart blocks, 01 (one) is completely cleared & now she is having 03 (three) blocks,

 - There are better changes in ECG reports - - - - etc


 Below mentioned are the changes said by my mother in law while she was consuming Apple Cider Vinegar Garlic, Ginger, lemon and Honey:

  - There is betterment in breathing while long walks and hill climb,

 - There is control in abnormal sweating,

 - There is control in chest pain - - - - - etc

 Vinod P,

Bhiwani, Haryana

First of all, thank you doctor.

I am a cardiac patient. I was under gone first angioplasty in March 2012. After 10 months again there was problem while walking breathing problem again started, I was told by doctors to go for another angioplasty.

I was admitted for second angioplasty on 28 Feb 2013, then again problem persisted.

After taking 2 months medicine I changed my doctor to one of the best in north India.

They started my treatment and finally no relief then on August 28 I was again under gone for 3rd Angioplasty/ballooning and other surgical treatment.

But it was also of no relief.

I was told to go by pass surgery, which I was undergone on 12/05/2014, by a doctor from Atlanta(U.S.A.)

After ROBOTIC by pass, there was not much relief. Walking on stairs was painful and lot of issues with high rate of heart breath and a lot of memory loss, weight loss, weakness etc.

Finally while net surfing and social media, I came across Dr. Patkar’s, heart remedy tonic.

I started to use it since last 3 months and I am feeling a difference in life style, physical strength, sugar problem reduced and many more things.

A K Srivastava