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Dr. Ketan Patkar



Naturesshopy brings you finest of apple cider viengars and other products directly from Dr. Ketan Patkar's range of various products. These products have a home-made like feel and are made with a motive to provide simpler solutions to most of the complex health concerns.

Dr. Ketan Patkar is a visionary set out to help people all around the world. He is highly enthusiastic in coming up with new solutions for better health of common people. A Naturopathy doctor fused with an entrepreneurial spirit in him gives innovative health solutions to the masses. Also known as The Vinegar-Man, Dr. Ketan Patkar is an inspiration to the youth.

The urge to make world-class products for the benefit of mankind will remain our single largest goal. With the complex lifestyle we now experience with changing times, its getting all the more important to lead a healthy life. Good nutrition, daily exercise and adequate sleep are proven to improve your health and if you can even add our products to your daily routine, you will greatly benefit.

We are a team of passionate individuals serving our valued customers for several years now. Our factory has a state-of-the-art facility where Quality of manufacturing is given the highest priority. Today our products are available across India and abroad in stores and on the internet. We take extreme pride in launching few of the finest health supplementary products which have a global appeal.

Trust, you will find the information mentioned beneficial for a healthy life ahead.